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Success Stories

Patient B, 9 years old: Double Vision and Gets Lost on the Page

B, 9 years old

Diagnosis: Convergence Insufficiency

B came to us struggling with reading. He was experiencing double vision and he was getting lost on the page.

He was receiving extra reading help at school but he was still struggling. During his comprehensive exam, Dr. Pitts found that things doubled at 12 inches away. B and his parents came into therapy on his 26th session very excited because he had made a select baseball team.

His dad said he made contact with every pitch at tryouts - there was no under or over swinging. B reported that it was much easier to hit the ball when there was only 1! His mom said she didn’t realize he was seeing two balls and B responded that he didn’t know either until he saw it clearly as 1.

After 32 sessions of vision therapy, he never sees double anymore. He is getting all As and Bs in reading and his handwriting has improved.

Both his parents made comments about how his confidence had “hugely improved” and he is thriving.

Patient E, 16 years old
Headaches, Post Concussion Syndrome

Ms E was referred to us by another doctor after suffering from daily headaches since a concussion more than 2 years prior. She was under the care of a neurologist and taking multiple medicines daily without relief.

She was struggling in school due to missing classes because of headaches and double vision that made reading and taking notes difficult.

After 24 sessions of vision therapy, Ms E could not remember the last time she had a headache.

She is no longer taking any medicine and has been discharged from her neurologist's care. She no longer has any double vision and is passing all her classes with flying colors.

Patient D, 8 years old
Diagnosis: Amblyopia (lazy eye)

D came to us after unsuccessful patching for amblyopia (lazy eye). He was unable to see the largest letter on the eye chart with his worse seeing eye.

With both eyes open, his brain was completely ignoring his right eye. His parents had noticed that while playing baseball that his depth perception seemed off.

He was swinging under the ball and missing easy catches.

3 months before his optometric vision therapy graduation, we got a text from his mom saying: “first baseball practice of the season today and D batted great!

Thanks for all the hard work you are putting in with him!”.

After 48 sessions of vision therapy, D is now using both of his eyes and his vision in his right eye has improved significantly.

He is excelling in school and loving baseball and football. He said baseball is much easier now that he can see the ball when it is coming towards him!