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Thanks for all the hard work!

First baseball practice of the season today and (he) batted great! Thanks for all the hard work you are putting in with him!

With Vision Therapy I had made contact with all three pitches!

With Vision Therapy I had made contact with all three pitches at (baseball) tryouts. It was easier to hit the ball because there was only one! I hadn't realized I was seeing two balls...until I saw it as one.

We love Ally, Lizzie and the entire team!

We love Cypress Vision Therapy! My daughter has been doing eye therapy here since February, and we have seen so much progress and improvement in her vision, fine motor skills and overall ability to see the world. We struggled for years to find the right fit for her to help with her strabismus, and we definitely think we found it here! We love Ally, Lizzie and the entire team!

Vision therapy has truly been life changing for our family!

The difference that vision therapy has made has been tremendous! We went from barely passing math & struggling to pass the STAAR test in 3rd grade to AB honor roll all year in 4th grade! We saw dramatic improvement in all areas of the STAAR test as well. Our teachers at school worked with the accommodations recommended by Dr. Pitts & it made a huge impact. Having a diagnosis & a plan gave my daughter confidence to advocate for herself as well. We have also seen side benefits such as drastically improved handwriting. While that is not something they specifically work on in vision therapy it speaks to the real overall improvement in her vision. I can not thank everyone at Cypress Vision Therapy enough. My daughter loves to come & it has boosted her confidence & taught her to work through hard things. They have even worked on some physical skills that have helped the brain, eyes & body work together. Before vision therapy skills like putting in a ponytail holder or other fine motor skill were extremely hard & frustrating. Vision therapy has truly been life changing for our family & I can not recommend it enough!

We highly recommend this team!

My son Riley was enrolled in vision therapy with Dr. Pitts and Ms. Lizzie for a year. He just graduated and we highly recommend this team! Riley is normally a very shy kid, but he quickly warmed up to them and that made me feel very comfortable. He was able to be himself and feel at ease when working with Ms. Lizzie. Riley has shown improvements with his eye turn not only in the therapy sessions, but at home as well! Dr. Pitts is very knowledgeable. She explains everything very well and answers all questions. Ms. Lizzie is very patient and wonderful with Riley. You can tell she enjoys her job. I didn’t know what to expect when it came to vision therapy and they both made this experience a great one!

We love Dr. Pitts and her staff so much!

Dr. Pitts and her staff love their jobs and most of all they love their patients! Before we found Dr. Pitts we had previously had eye muscle surgery on both of Brice's eyes for strabismus. Though we saw slight improvements we expected more. Our Ophthalmologist at the time recommended a second surgery within a year. We were desperate for other options which he never mentioned. The first surgery was traumatic on all of us, and administering 4 different eye drops every day, twice per day, for over a year to a 3/4 year old was tough! We felt there had to be other options and during our research vision therapy kept coming up. That's when we found pediatric optometrist, Dr. Pitts, right here in Cypress! Our first visit she listened to our concerns and our second visit she gave us options. Brice started VT with Dr. Pitts and kindergarten at the same time. Since then his confidence has increased immensely, he can focus on his school work and has excelled through kindergarten and first grade! Brice has become more aware of his ability to control his eye tracking! We visited Dr. Pitts every week for VT and it was the favorite day of the week for all of us! I remember early on learning Brice could not see 3D. He had no interest in 3D movies. After many weekly sessions, Dr. Pitts held a progress session with our family. That’s when Dr. Pitts pulled out 3D images for Brice and it brought me to tears when he called out the images! It was a huge leap for us to begin VT but it has been the best decision we have made for Brice’s vision and education. We love Dr. Pitts and her staff so much! Thank You Dr. Pitts and Miss Lizzie for your commitment and dedication to our family and our community here in Cypress.