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Those are huge improvements!

I’m so proud of this kid! He just completed 40 long weeks of vision therapy!!! I remember when We first started and the Dr. Was surprised Lincoln could catch or hit a ball! Sadly he had be living with eyes that didn’t work at the same time his whole life. We had seen many many Dr.s and specialists who all said Lincoln had a lazy eye and wanted to do surgery within 5 minutes of looking at his eyes.

Wan kept at it and knew deep down it wasn’t an issue that surgery would fix. Our first meeting with Eyes On Cypress Dr. Pitts asked some questions like, did Lincoln crawl, was he clumsy, and other questions that were like, wow these are all Lincoln. I remember as a toddler he also had bandages on his head because he would be running a straight line then a few feet down 💥 he would hit the wall.

Well, it was because his eyes would switch a few times a minute on which eye he would see out of. I want to Thank Dr. Pitts and her team so much! Some of Lincoln’s testing went from 9th percentile up to 63 percentile and 16 to 37! Those are huge improvements!