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Cypress Vision Therapy - Your Eye Doctor in Cypress

At Cypress Vision Therapy, we offer an extensive range of eye care services beyond the traditional eye exams, including vision therapy, neuro-optometry and sports vision training.

Are you concerned your child’s myopia is worsening, our myopia management program could be the solution you have been searching for. Our highly trained staff takes the time to discuss and answer any questions you might have and provide you with the most up-to-date information to ensure you receive the optimum vision care.

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Vision Therapy in Cypress

Poorly developed visual skills can obstruct the ability to succeed in school, work and sports. Vision therapy develops and enhances the student's visual skills, leading to increased visual comfort and information processing and improved reading, learning and overall academic achievements.

When the eyes and brain learn to work together as a team, this allows your child to show their true potential - both in the classroom and sports field.

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Sports Vision Training

It takes more than strength and speed to be at the top of your game. Strong vision skills impact your sports performance. If you're a professional elite, high school amateur or a weekend warrior, you can improve depth perception, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, reaction time, and more

Sports Vision Training exercises develope your sports-specific visual skills to sharpen the communication within the brain to take your game to the next level.

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Restoring Vision and Quality of Life

Have you experienced dizziness, double-vision or a reduction in your enjoyment or quality of life after a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other neurological incident? Effective visual function can only occur when the eyes and brain work together as a team to focus, track and perceive the world in motion around us.

Our neuro-optometric team helps patients retrain the brain and eyes to work together so you can get back to living your live to the fullest.

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Myopia Control in Cypress, Texas

Does your child have myopia? If your child’s prescription is rapidly increasing, contact our myopia management specialist, Dr. Erin Pitts, for a consultation. Our practice offers evidence-based treatment to prevent the onset or reduce the progression of myopia in pediatric patients.

Myopia increases the chance of your child suffering vision loss later in life. Let us help your child diminish the risk of developing serious ocular diseases with our effective myopia management program.

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